TPC-5000 (Turbine Power Cleaner)

TPC-5000 is a solvent based gas turbine compressor cleaner for effective ON- and OFF-LINE cleaning.

TPC–5000 is manufactured in Germany and meets the latest user specifications and environmental standards of most OEM`s.

TPC-5000 is a high-grade cleaner for gas turbine compressors, meant to be used in ON-LINE as well as OFF-LINE cleaning. This product has been specially formulated with organic solvents, surfactants and emulsifiers in order to effectively remove fat, oil, soot and other fouling.

The ash-free ingredients of this product have been carefully selected to ensure that no regenerative fouling of the gas turbine hot section components can occur.

TPC–5000 can be used in all available wash skids.
TPC-5000 sets a benchmark in cleaning power and cost efficiency.