Cleaning chemicals for all sorts and types of gas turbines.
Fouling in gas turbines is caused by air pollution. Despite modern air cleaning systems, the penetration of airborne particles into the gas turbine compressor is inevitable.
In this case dust is attached to the surface of the gas path.

This leads to a decrease in performance and consequently to a higher fuel consumption in the gas turbine. In essence, the loss in performance is attribute to the reduced power of the axial compressor. About 75% of the overall gas turbine power loss can be accredited to the fouling of the turbine blades. 

The fouling of the turbine blades in the axial compressor is caused by airborne particles such as dust, sand, salt, pollen, smog, insects and the like. Another source of compressor fouling can be leaking oil from the compressor rotor inlet bearing.

This may cause the following, typical damage to the compressor:
  • Blade fouling leads to considerable surface changes which result in remarkable loss of effectiveness. Chipping-off parts of the encrustation may cause imbalance leading to inadmissible strain on the bearings.
  • Wet corrosion, caused by interaction of humidity, salts and other aggressive substances, may lead to damage, mainly in the first compressor section.
  • High temperature corrosion originates basically in fuel pollution. Just as well, air pollution like sulfates from Flue gas desulphurization plants or metallic oxides at industrial sites are responsible for corrosion damage.
  • Finest particles with a high specific surface overgrow the cooling slits in the blades. In consequence, overheating accelerates material fatigue.
Above mentioned correlation between air pollution and damage on gas turbines result in specific demands on cleaning chemicals.
The regular use of our Turbine Power Cleaner products amount to the following advantages:
  • -meets the user-specification of most OEM’s
  • -usable in On and Off-line gas turbine compressor washing
  • -safe - no corrosion on the construction surfaces
  • -best price-performance-ratio in turbine cleaners
  • -manufactured according to ISO 9001 : 2008
  • -low ash content
  • -incombustible when diluted
  • -usable in all available wash skids
  • -removes all sorts of fouling
  • -no power loss during the cleaning
  • -easy to use